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In my childhood I was very much intrigued by the animals. I could never understand them to be from some other species. I always wondered why they are not like us. Well with the passage of time I was overloaded by schools and humans around me too much that I entirely or partially forget about animals but as I am growing up the love for animals is again blazing up inside me. It started from cats. Lots of cats in my university have rekindled the love I once felt for them; from cats to lions and cheetahs. One of my passions is about horses. Reading black beauty; it’s a nice read that narrates the life of a typical horse. But there is no book written on the beauty of a horse, any book that would simple adore the creature. I came across no book that could translate the experience of a horse ride. When the galloping horse takes a jump and all you can see is the sky. Sky seems to be far nearer and believe in one self is escalating. Whenever on a horse, I know that I can do everything I aim for and I am a special person with the special gift. I hold the magic to change the world for the better. I am the one and the only one. I fall in love with myself and the world around me. All the sorrows pass away and I become the happiest of all living or ever lived.

I love horses more than cars and bikes. It’s true that with the increasing trend of bikes and cars, the new generation is more concerned with material things and the passion for horse riding is lowering. Still there are lots of horse lovers alive. The idea of riding on a horse is magical; you feel the blood flowing through your veins and also in the veins of the horse, it makes life more real and exhibits the congruence of humans with the world around them. This can never be felt while sitting in the steel or metal car/bike body. The materials make you feel alien form the world whereas a living horse under you is a source of consolation and satisfaction.

 Well I think I should end here, because I can write lots about experiences with my horse but the post can be stretched more. I may write again about horses so if you are a horse lover keep on checking.