Earlier young girls used to grow up dreaming about some prince charming. All the young girls had nothing to do but to wait for the most glamorous man to appear b their side to take their hand. It was all a bit of fascination of girls. A true prince charming is the richest man in the world who looks like a cool hunk. That man would look at the girl and fall at her feet, so like this would start or end a beautiful story. I was thinking all about it while watching Cinderella. This idea reminded me of a text message I received a few months ago.
The text said that while the girl was busy dreaming about her prince charming, she saw the Caspian of Narnia and now she dreams about a Caspian, later the next movie is harry potter and the girl is interested in a wizard and finally there is twilight, the girl watches the movies and she is on the lookout for a vampire. As the world progresses, the prince charming is replaced by a sunlit vampire. Nowadays the girls do not care to wait for a tall handsome man who would come on a horse to take her into a world full of life and never ending happiness. The idea is far from reality. Today girls have as many desires as stars in the sky. Fulfilling those desires force women to struggle and this accounts for the increasing number of women going for higher education.
While I was busy thinking about the changing attitudes of girls another thing also crossed my mind. The attitudes of men are also changing. They are also not much interested in being the prince charming. The passions are for singing or heavy bikes, earning money etc but no one wants to be that prince charming that would create the happy world for her princess. Men want their wives to be self sufficient who could cooperate with them in the mutual family issues. No sane man dream to give any women as much care and support as the prince charming does. Men dream about creating a beautiful world for themselves; not for some women they would fall in love at first sight.
I am not saying that there is little attraction between men and women now. The point is that today the burden of home keeping is to be shared by both. No man is ready to would create a happy castle for young dreaming beautiful lady or simply he is not just capable of pertaining to the present world economic crises. S o if young ladies are dreaming somewhere about prince charming; please wake up. The sorry thing is that those who are not dreaming about prince charming they are dreaming about vampires, who are also next to impossible.