I never have been a book-worm, could not read more than a few pages with consideration. The living and the moving world around me used to fascinate me and I was jinxed by it. I like to look at the rising sun and the starry night, blooming flowers or the falling rain, these are simulations that really stir me. They make me happy and make me sad. I was never the one who could sit for hours and read books and create images in my mind rather than looking at them through my eyes. The visual world is very fascinating for me. This not all I was left to be amazed by my own self.
As I grew up, I had to read and learn my course books. This diverted me towards books. In my bachelors I ended up in taking the English literature as my elective. I had to dissolve in Shakespeare and Wordsworth, Keats and browning contributed to my own exposure to my other half. I started enjoying reading. To this added the Stephanie Mayer’s twilight saga and J.K Rowling’s harry potter. I was going everywhere with a book in my hand from home to school, from kitchen to lounge, from class to play ground I was carrying the book. After this my next plunge was into the classical literature. I felt terribly sorry for the poor mayor of the Caster Bridge, lonely Eustacia, and like this from Thomas hardy I start and move on from one writer to the other. Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina became my favorites and Adam Bede of George Eliot and the journey continues.
Here while I was galloping from one book to the other. I felt a strange thing. One day I saw that as I opened my book, a little fairy like the beautiful tinker bell. It came out of the book in the silver light and dark blue dress one of the finest silk I have never seen before. The beautiful fairy asked me to join her; I had no idea where are we going but I obliged her. She created a window in the wall with her magical wand. Through this window I along with her passed on to the other world, here I could see the beautiful Anna crying and sobbing in her room, I saw the goddess like Eustacia rambling in the moonlight, the muscular Adam in his shop making wooden furniture for her little Hetty, the cruel Lestat dancing in the ballrooms with her bloody teeth concealed in her demonic smiles, the proud Darcy proposing prejudiced Elizabeth, and so much more and more. The kind fairy created it all for me. When some would call me from the real the elegant fairy would send me back to the real world and I would close the book but keep the finger in the book. When I was eight, I could never believe that I would be able to mesmerize in any books so deeply. This aspect of mine was oblivious to me. It is a happy revelation or self exposure that came with time.