It is not a very small room although nothing much can be seen around. It’s because of darkness. A few days back there was a great party given by Mr. Anderson in the memory of the happy moments spent in this palatial house. All the furniture was pushed aside five couples were easily dancing to the beat and moving all around the room. The echo of the music, the loud chatter of the young people, the beating hearts and the loud noise of heavy breathing is still lingering in the air of this morbid room. Their sweet voice and loud laughter and rocky music were oozing out from the windows into the peaceful night. In the farther street somebody stops to observe the muffled noises from here that are creeping like a cat into the silent peaceful night and leave an eternal trace in the world of darkness and silence. This man considers it to be a blasphemy to the reverent night. The night seems to be so holy at this point of time that even his footsteps are sacrilegious to it. Wonder how long he would stand contemplating the act of violation.

There, inside the room it’s all dark; only slight hints and guess that something is placed here and there.  The smell of cigar s noticeable in the room; but would not be much irritating any outsider. The smoker has secured a place in the corner of the room. He can see the room in all its clarity as he well knows all the furniture in the room. The smoke appears from the soft lips and diffuses into the open air. There is no air in the room but the smoker sees the fumes dancing and the smoker in the room see the dancing couples in the smoke. He is shocked for a moment and then for his amusement he goes on to draw comparisons between the smoky couples and the real ones who came to his party. He sees the smoky couples are in luck as they appear quickly and then as quickly they disappear. The diffusion of the smoke sets the couple free for forever and forgotten from this universe of misery and cruelty lest they remain in the memory of the smoker. But how far does the smoker would live or retain his memory is also a question. The smoker is reminded of the fact that the real couples would also return to dust sooner than later and would be forgotten forever. The smoker gives weight to time. He considers that perhaps the time available to the smoky couples is less and also to their advantage. He is again shaken by a statement heard sometime in his childhood that life is more a flicker in the air. For himself, he would rather be a smoky man then a real one, for his life is already too long and he needs a smaller one