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What girls like? What men like? Girls like bad boys and boys like bad girls. Both the sexes go after the worst in the opposite sex. Then we have a list of complaints and stories of deep grief coming from these lovers. If only bad people are loved then where does the good go? Do they live without love? No. actually they are the ones who love the bad people. In every relationship there are one bad and one good, one side would stay constant and love from their heart while the other one has the responsibility to cheat and deceive.

If one person in every relationship is constant then why do not the two constant people from different relationships start a new relationship? Would life be better then? Or one of the good would turn bad?  Well the real topic of the blog is the attraction of the good for bad. A lot many people out there may not agree with me about the liking of good people for bad but I have got enough evidence to convince me. The hero in every movie is a bad man with a good heart. Mostly heroines are naughty and cheat who have the capability of being exceptionally good and decent when once married or else required in the plot. Besides fiction and movies in real life there is always one person is miserable and the other one makes him/her miserable.